We see the world not as it is, but as we are.’

– Stephen Covey


Thrive Group Coaching

8-Week Personal Discovery Step-by-Step Thrive Coaching Journey 

Simple, Practical, Science-based 


Increase your Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Using Brain-based Coaching, NLP & Positive Psychology Best-Practices and Proven Tools 


Invest in yourself.

Your potential is limited only by your mindset: the attitudes, beliefs, and emotions that are programmed into your brain.​

Join Thrive Group Coaching

Ready to make a difference in your life, get unstuck, take control of your destiny and live to a more fulling existence. Move from a fixed mindset to a grow mindset!

Thrive will be your GPS system getting you to where you want to be. 

We’ll start from where you are, help clarify where you want to be, chunk down actions, identify roadblocks, create your road map and check in to monitor progress and adjustments.  

Thrive is a group coaching experience based in the latest in neuroscience, NLP and coaching techniques. 

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8-Week Thrive Brain-based Group Coaching

Guided by your personal & professional development coach
May I dare say, you need to start by setting goals based on Your Own Definition of Success.

Nobody can define your success for you—not your parents, not your partner, not your friends, and especially not people you see on social media that you don’t even know.



  • Practical Exercises

To be completed during each module. Worksheets are provided to put into practice what you learn.

  • Proven Tools for Self-Development

Some the most effective tools for increasing your awareness

  • Effective Resources for Each Module

Carefully selected so you can dig deeper and learn from other

  • Weekly challenges

To keep the momentum going and make you accountable each week to achieve the change you seek

  • Community of Like-Minded People

Connect to other authentic humans around the world

  • Official THRIVE Certificate

Proven that you have completed the course and developed valuable soft skills

Why Join THRIVE Group Coaching

Move Forward with Purpose!

It’s easy to lose a sense of clarity about what we are working towards and what we really want for our life. It can get overwhelming and confusing about what to do and where to start. We might find ourselves asking questions like:

  • Where am I heading in my career?
  • How can I adopt to a growth mindset ?
  • Am I successful? What does being successful actually look like for me?
  • How do I find my purpose and passionate? How do I even start?
  • How to set realistic goals and actions with support to see them through?

Join Thrive Group Coaching session : March 16th 2021!  

Frequently Asked Q's


Is Thrive Group Coaching for me?

Are you seeking a more balanced life?
• Simply want to raise self-awareness
• Not sure what to do next with your life
• Seek a guided practical self-reflection
• Don’t feel fulfilled with your current job
• Increasingly feeling anxiety
• Want to invest in your Emotional Intelligence
• Seeking to find your purpose but don’t know how to start


How can I join?

Sign on to the link for the up-coming dates and book your place.
Send us a message at team@cjc-formation.com.

Special offer! Week ONE is FREE!
Week TWO - pay what you can ( invest in yourself +12€)
Week THREE to Eight- Fees are 25€ a week.


What if I don't wish to continue ?

Thrive Group Coaching understands that sometime we attempt something new and different but unfortunately we may discover that it isn't a good fit.
Good on you for taking a chance!
We'd be happy to offer you an opportunity to join the next group on the week you decided to pause or refund you for the weeks you haven't participated. Whichever suits your plans.
If you complete the entire eight week group coaching sessions and didn't find anything useful we will return one month of fees.

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